Celebrating Earth Day with Shannon Baker: Aliens, Polygamists, and Hopi, Oh My!

Wonderful Shannon Baker, author of 3 books and several short stories, is back again to celebrate Earth Day with us — this time with her friend Laura Kamala. Laura  has lived in the spectacular Canyonlands of southeast Utah for thirty-eight years. During this time she was variously incarnated as a filmmaker, writer, artist, business entrepreneur, and Director of Utah Programs for Grand Canyon Trust. Diana: This is a new … Continue reading Celebrating Earth Day with Shannon Baker: Aliens, Polygamists, and Hopi, Oh My!

Mark Catesby: the Curious and Ingenious Naturalist

Diana: Editors E. Charles Nelson and David J. Elliott have compiled a book about a man I’d never heard of: Mark Catesby. One of the earliest naturalists, as well as an author and illustrator, Catesby studied the fauna and flora of North America over a seven-year period. He influenced Audubon, Darwin, and the explorers Lewis and Clark. The book, The Curious Mister Catesby, is a treasure and … Continue reading Mark Catesby: the Curious and Ingenious Naturalist

Ten Fingers Touching & Victorian Fairy Tales

I wanted to let you all know about a real treasure of a book I recently came across. It’s called Ten Fingers Touching. What makes it unique is that it’s a fable for everyone. Ellen Roth spins a tale that has excitement for adults and kids alike. The illustrations by John Blumen are breathtakingly beautiful.   I love that Roth is reviving a tradition of story-telling … Continue reading Ten Fingers Touching & Victorian Fairy Tales

Darynda Jones Prize Winner!

I know I’ve dragged this out quite some time. Two weeks doesn’t sound like much, unless you’re waiting with bated breath for me to post something — anything — about who won the delectable prize of reading a Darynda Jones Eighth Grave After Dark ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) well before anyone else. So, without more ado, and before I sound like that cute guy who promised to … Continue reading Darynda Jones Prize Winner!

Feed Your eReader

Happy New Year! For those of you who have gotten lovely eReaders, many with matching gift cards or even traditional gift certificates to your favorite book stores, here are a few recommendations. There are enough categories here to please everyone, I hope. Enjoy! Cozy Mystery: Lethal Black Dress by Ellen Byerrum   When does a little black dress become a lethal black dress? When it … Continue reading Feed Your eReader

Tis the Season to Give and Give Back

Several of my friends are donating parting of their sales to worthy charities this year. Krista Hall below, details many of them in her wonderful post. I also wanted to do a shout out to my friend, author Susan O’Brien, who also donates a part of the proceeds from her wonderful book, Finding Sky, which goes to help charities involved with missing children. Tis the Season to … Continue reading Tis the Season to Give and Give Back

Candice Gilmer's Just His Taste

What do you get when you cross a motorcycle-riding,22181805 leather-wearing, fairy godmother, intent on finding her male charge the woman of his dreams, with Cupid, the Greek gods, and pure mayhem? Answer: Candice Gilmer’s fantastic new book: Just His Taste.

Here’s the back of book blurb:

Avalynn Fay is not a typical Fairy Godmother. She wears leather body suits, rides motorcycles, Continue reading “Candice Gilmer's Just His Taste”

A Duke's Wicked Kiss: Great Fiction from Kathleen Bittner Roth

Golden Heart Finalist Kathleen Bittner Roth is an expert storyteller. Her intricate and spellbinding historical/romantic suspense takes the reader from 81chOz+5v6L._SL1500_ England to India and back again. Spun against a lush background of Indian palaces, exotic jewels, a cheetah, and an uprising, her characters and writing sizzle as much as the romance. This satisfying and well-written book, laden with incredible detail, transports readers to places and times impossible to otherwise experience.

Here’s the blurb for A Duke’s Wicked Kiss:

While on a secret mission for the Crown, a proper duke falls for an improper daughter of an Indian royal and British noble.

Miss Suri Thurston knows the pain of abandonment. Intent on confronting the grandmother who tossed her to the lions, Continue reading “A Duke's Wicked Kiss: Great Fiction from Kathleen Bittner Roth”

Carey Baldwin Confesses to Being a Bestseller!

Sometimes a book or an author comes along that is really special.  Carey Baldwin is just such an author, and her new book Confession is just such a book. No wonder it reached number two on the Barnes and Noble best selling mysteries list and on the overall Nook top twenty! Each line of Confession is beautifully crafted.  Whether the heroine is confronting the hero, or being threatened by a … Continue reading Carey Baldwin Confesses to Being a Bestseller!

He Texted, Now What does it Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what a man means when he texts you a photo of his refrigerator, He Texted is the book for you.  Witty and full of straight-forward advice, authors Lisa Winning and Carrie Henderson McDermott, guide women in  21st century techno-dating. Not only do the two authors give you their usually right-on-target opinions, they utilize their own advisory panel of guys to chime in … Continue reading He Texted, Now What does it Mean?