Peter Thiel Zero to One Book Cover

Peter Theil: Creating the Next Great Monopoly

Book Smart would like to welcome John Paul Schnabel to our team as a Senior Reviewer. With a background in engineering, art, and business, he’s an overall Renaissance kind of guy: with a thousand interests and a great sense of humor. His first review is a business book, Zero to One, by Peter Thiel. His next will be about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, … Continue reading Peter Theil: Creating the Next Great Monopoly

Emotional Survival After Covid

We’re all feeling confined and frustrated at the limitations of lives during the Covid-19 outbreak. Honey Dahari has written a short book aimed at helping people realize the special frustrations of different age-groups and a quick, easy way to find some peace. I often find therapy books a bit cloying, or hard to come to the point. This book is very different. It presents problems … Continue reading Emotional Survival After Covid

Why “A Wrinkle in Time” Missed the Mark

by Diana Belchase Like thousands of other Americans, I eagerly awaited the release of the movie, A Wrinkle in Time. As a kid’s fantasy adventure, it contained the special effects, star-studded cast, and fast action  designed to create a modern blockbuster. A film you waste a couple of hours on and then forget. It’s not the type of film to change anyone’s life, and that is … Continue reading Why “A Wrinkle in Time” Missed the Mark