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Remember what it used to be like browsing in a bookstore and coming out with an armload of books in different categories? — books you never expected to find and authors you’d never before tried?

We at Book Smart missed the wonderful experience of discovering new friends within bookstore shelves, so we created a TV show in the Washington, D.C. market to introduce readers to new authors and their wonderful books. Now, many of those interviews are on YouTube, and we’ve expanded to include book reviews, print interviews, and podcasts along with our video content, here on our website.

Go right to your favorite shelf and stick to a much loved genre, or perhaps … just perhaps, something else may catch your eye and you’ll discover an author or a new genre which might become your new obsession.

Whatever you do, enjoy.

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  • Book Review – Caste
    by Debra Pakaluk Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents is one of the most important books I have ever read.  Impeccably researched, extremely well-written. 
  • Columbus on Trial
    A thought provoking expose of Christopher Columbus written by NYS Supreme Court Justice John Barone (ret.) Everything you thought you knew about Columbus but don’t.
  • Sexy Movies, Sexy Men, and Sexy Writing: Three Days of the Condor, Robert Redford, and James Grady
    Today we’re priviledged to have with us legendary James Grady, author of Six Days of the Condor which became the iconic Robert Redford movie, Three Days of the Condor.  James has won literary prizes around the globe, including France’s Grand Prix
  • “Falling” Takes The Reader On a Wild Ride
    By Darryl Keeping In her debut novel, T.J. Newman takes the reader on a wild ride through the not-so-friendly skies with all the white knuckle suspense and pulse pounding action you could ever want in a summer read. Newman’s own story reads like something out of a novel. She had aspirations to be an actor, graduating from a musical theater program and moving to New …
  • The China Study: Corporate Coverups, 1st Amendment Violations, and Academic Corruption
    by John Paul Schnabel Thomas Colin Campbell’s masterpiece, The China Study, will change the way you think of dieting. From humble beginnings on a dairy farm, Campbell was taught as a child the importance of consuming milk and eating your animal protein to be a strong and healthy person. Exploring these benefits led him into the world of academia. However, to his dismay, Campbell discovered …
  • Covid and Reality TV’s Fake Audience
    I have a secret vice, I love reality TV. I know there is little real about it, but whether watching the Real Housewives‘ gorgeous houses, or the elegant ballgowns on Dancing with the Stars, or guessing the camouflaged celebrity on Masked Singer, I find these silly shows fun. Lately, however, I am finding these shows anxiety-producing. Whether it is the couples dancing cheek-to-cheek on Dancing, …
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Books and Films About her Life -the Essential list
    The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has rocked America. We’ve lost an icon and her death has sent our government spinning in a dozen different directions. Before we get too tangled in the aftermath, we should take the time to celebrate a life, which no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, is undoubtedly remarkable. She has forever left her mark on …
  • Hail To The (Stephen) King: Carrie On
    by Darryl Keeping I’m finally getting the opportunity to review the Stephen King books I’ve read to this point in my re-read of all of his works in order. Some of these I have read previously, a lot of them (I’m sad to say) I’m reading for the first time. I’m currently reading Firestarter so I’ve officially left the seventies behind and am firmly entrenched in the …

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