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Remember what it used to be like browsing in a bookstore and coming out with an armload of books in different categories? — books you never expected to find and authors you’d never before tried?

We at Book Smart missed the wonderful experience of discovering new friends within bookstore shelves, so we created a TV show in the Washington, D.C. market to introduce readers to new authors and their wonderful books. Now, many of those interviews are on YouTube, and we’ve expanded to include book reviews, print interviews, and podcasts along with our video content, here on our website.

Go right to your favorite shelf and stick to a much loved genre, or perhaps … just perhaps, something else may catch your eye and you’ll discover an author or a new genre which might become your new obsession.

Whatever you do, enjoy.

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  • Covid and Reality TV’s Fake Audience
    I have a secret vice, I love reality TV. I know there is little real about it, but whether watching the Real Housewives‘ gorgeous houses, or the elegant ballgowns on Dancing with the Stars, or guessing the camouflaged celebrity on Masked Singer, I find these silly shows fun. Lately, however, I am finding these shows anxiety-producing. Whether it is the couples dancing cheek-to-cheek on Dancing, …
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Books and Films About her Life -the Essential list
    The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has rocked America. We’ve lost an icon and her death has sent our government spinning in a dozen different directions. Before we get too tangled in the aftermath, we should take the time to celebrate a life, which no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, is undoubtedly remarkable. She has forever left her mark on …
  • Hail To The (Stephen) King: Carrie On
    by Darryl Keeping I’m finally getting the opportunity to review the Stephen King books I’ve read to this point in my re-read of all of his works in order. Some of these I have read previously, a lot of them (I’m sad to say) I’m reading for the first time. I’m currently reading Firestarter so I’ve officially left the seventies behind and am firmly entrenched in the …
  • What Gardening & Mysteries Have in Common (& Fashion Video!)
    by Ellen Byerrum It’s summer. How does your garden grow? This year our pink roses look pretty spectacular,  and our lilacs were lovely and fragrant. Still, we lost other flowers to a late spring freeze.     In many ways, I suppose, cultivating a garden is like writing a book. It takes time for everything to bloom. If you force it, it won’t flower in the right …
  • Peter Theil: Creating the Next Great Monopoly
    Book Smart would like to welcome John Paul Schnabel to our team as a Senior Reviewer. With a background in engineering, art, and business, he’s an overall Renaissance kind of guy: with a thousand interests and a great sense of humor. His first review is a business book, Zero to One, by Peter Thiel. His next will be about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle, …
  • Emotional Survival After Covid
    We’re all feeling confined and frustrated at the limitations of lives during the Covid-19 outbreak. Honey Dahari has written a short book aimed at helping people realize the special frustrations of different age-groups and a quick, easy way to find some peace. I often find therapy books a bit cloying, or hard to come to the point. This book is very different. It presents problems …
  • Daddy Long Legs: Fire-Breathers and Criticism
    Author’s note: I recently reread the novel Daddy Long Legs and loved it yet again. It reminded me of the wonderful musical I saw a few years ago. How I miss NYC theater! I am reposting this and wishing the cast my best during this difficult time when New York’s theaters are all dark. Take heart, we are thinking of you all. by Diana Belchase
  • Late Night Movie Review: When Feminism Falls Flat
    I eagerly waited for Late Night to come out. The trailers were a hoot. The premise delightful. It utilized every trope I love: women coming together, underdog who succeeds, girl who shows the boys she’s better. Yet, while there are some glorious and funny moments in the film, ultimately it fell flat at the end, the point it matters most.   Late Night is about …

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