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Remember what it used to be like browsing in a bookstore and coming out with an armload of books in different categories? — books you never expected to find and authors you’d never before tried?

We at Book Smart missed the wonderful experience of discovering new friends within bookstore shelves, so we created a TV show in the Washington, D.C. market to introduce readers to new authors and their wonderful books. Now, many of those interviews are on YouTube, and we’ve expanded to include book reviews, print interviews, and podcasts along with our video content, here on our website.

Go right to your favorite shelf and stick to a much loved genre, or perhaps … just perhaps, something else may catch your eye and you’ll discover an author or a new genre which might become your new obsession.

Whatever you do, enjoy.

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  • Fire-Breathers and Criticism: Daddy Long Legs Rules
    Author’s note: I recently reread the novel Daddy Long Legs and loved it yet again. It reminded me of the wonderful musical I saw a few years ago. How I miss NYC theater! I am reposting this and wishing the cast my best during this difficult time when New York’s theaters are all dark. Take heart, we are thinking of you all. by Diana Belchase
  • Late Night Movie Review: When Feminism Falls Flat
    I eagerly waited for Late Night to come out. The trailers were a hoot. The premise delightful. It utilized every trope I love: women coming together, underdog who succeeds, girl who shows the boys she’s better. Yet, while there are some glorious and funny moments in the film, ultimately it fell flat at the end, the point it matters most.   Late Night is about …
  • A Visit to the New York City Library
    by Diana Belchase How much do you know about the NYC library? You know, that massive building on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, adjacent to Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan? How about these facts: It took 16 years of planning. The cornerstone was laid in 1902. After nine years of building, the library finally opened on May 23rd, 1911.  The library was the largest building …
  • Thieves… plagiarists and scammers — sisterhood of suspense
    We welcome to Book Smart suspense author, Kathryn Jane, who wrote the following heartfelt piece about the cost of book piracy.  For another riveting account of how even best selling authors can end up being plagiarized by other best selling authors and the wild wild west rules of the book world, also see this piece by Nora Roberts by clicking HERE. Thieves … plagiarists and …
  • Book Review: Polymer Clay for Beginners
    Emily Chen’s new book from Quarto/Walter Foster Publishing, $19.99, Art Makers Polymer Clay for Beginners delivers exactly as promised. Filled with simple instructions, step-by-step photos, with close up details, it appears impossible not to repeat her stunning results. I am so often let down by art books, that this is a welcome surprise. Chen’s projects are often aimed at kids — fake cookies and sparkly …
  • Book Review: Cookbooks and Watercolors
    Today on Book Smart we’re taking a look at two new books. One will color your palate and the other your palette. Famous Dishes from Around the World: Healthy, Tasty, and Affordable Due to be released in May 2019, this cookbook, released by Moonstone Press at $14.95 and edited by Stephanie Maze and Karin Kinney shows a lot of promise. I was attracted to the …
  • Win Free Scrivener Software and Write Your Life’s Story
    by Diana Belchase For those of you interested in writing your memoir, or perhaps the life story of someone you admire, I found a terrific podcast that will help tremendously. While the TheLifeStoryCoach.com is aimed at people who want to make a business of writing — or perhaps, ghost writing — memoirs and biographies, there is a wealth of information for anyone who wants to …
  • A Norwegian Town with More Books than People
    By CAILEY RIZZO at Travelandleisure.com For travelers who wish to escape humanity, there’s a remote village in Norway that officially has more books than people. Mundal, in western Norway, is an introverted bibliophile’s dream. There are only 280 people but more than 150,000 books. In fact, the country often refers to Mundal as “The Norwegian Booktown.” Between secondhand shops, roadside stalls and bookshelves along the coast …

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