Carey Baldwin’s Dark Marriage Secret

Today I’m reviewing Carey Baldwin’s newest book, The Marriage Secret. But first, here is the back of book blurb:

A completely unputdownable and twist-filled psychological thriller from USA Today bestselling author Carey Baldwin.

He married me despite my darkest secret. But am I safe now that I know his?
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From the outside, my marriage to Zach was perfect: dream home, a perfect baby girl and passionate, all-consuming love. When we met, I confessed my darkest secret to him and he never judged me for it. Instead, he vowed to always protect me whatever the cost.

But as I cradle my gorgeous baby, I have to accept that the husband who used to be my everything, has changed. At first it was little things: expecting me to keep to a strict schedule, picking out my clothes for me. Now, he controls every aspect of my life: from how much money I have, to when I leave the house and who I can see.

One fateful night, a young woman is found murdered and Zach is a potential suspect. Turning towards me, a look of warmth returning to his eyes, he swears he’s innocent, and I realize there is only one solution. If I agree to be his alibi, he will keep my secret and our daughter can grow up in a loving home. In that moment, I do what any faithful wife would do: I stand by him.

But I know deep down, only one of us will make it out of this marriage alive.

Ok, if that isn’t enough to tempt you, you’re probably made of stone. LOL. But seriously, If you’re not a fan of Carey Baldwin already, you should be.

What separates Baldwin from other authors is her background as a both a physician and a psychologist. When she writes medical characters in a psychological thriller no one does it better.

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With Baldwin, you never have that feeling, gee why is the character doing this or that? Why does the heroine fall for the villain’s spiel, or that scene in the hospital is rife with errors. Instead, the continual authenticity fuels the believability of the story and makes the dark passages all the more horrific. Further, while some may believe this subject has been covered before, it’s never been done like this, or this well. Her expert insight on how people think and act, especially those in vulnerable situations, or those with psychotic tendencies, add a layer to this book that made it riveting and an essential read to young women everywhere. Frankly, it would make a terrific film.

Overall, this was a roller coaster ride filled with twists that will keep you turning pages until its shocking end.

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