How to Do a Blog Tour that Works!

I’m growing very frustrated lately at publicity companies asking me to host author’s blog tours. It isn’t that I don’t want to sponsor authors here, quite the reverse. 🙂 , it is just the inconsiderate and demanding way material is being presented, in my opinion, won’t work either for the authors, or especially for my readers, whom I guard with zealous fervor. Let’s go over a few points:

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If you’re blogging with me, my readers expect original, or pretty close to original content. Not that I don’t reblog content when it’s pertinent — but that’s usually when the material comes from small sites my readership is unlikely to visit. Or, news that is so big and provocative that I want to be sure my readers see it. If you’re asking me the favor of visiting here, I expect it to be a real visit, not a hit and run, or the same stuff that is being posted everywhere.

When you send the same material out to 60 different sites, or even two, Google classifies that as an ad and downgrades both your post, and the sites that it’s posted on. This does neither of us any good.

What to blog about? Tell me about things in your book — the settings, the hero, the germ of an idea that got the story going for you. You’re writers for goodness sake, this should be easy. But if you’re out of ideas, please let me know and we’ll do an interview or brainstorm something. I adore getting to know you and putting something together that let’s Book Smart’s readers get to know you, too.

I want my readers to love you. If they love you, they’ll love visiting here on Book Smart, and that is a win for both of us. So, if your content isn’t flattering, or runs too long, or has issues, I might shoot you an email asking you for some changes. I am the editor of this site, so please don’t be upset when I do edit you. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me about changes you’re not happy about. It’s a collaboration. Just don’t be a diva.

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If my readers do you the courtesy of leaving a comment, please stop by and say hi. I know some sites don’t want this, but if this is a “get to know you” feature, not a review, my readers would love to hear from you. Heck, I’d love to hear from you. And yes, if you’re booked on 60 sites on the same day, please remember I didn’t sign you up for all those, you did. Figure out the time necessary to follow through, please.

I am glad to see your book cover, to hear about your book, to post a buy link, but this isn’t an ad. Please be respectful of that and understand that when readers feel pushed, or are reading a hard sell piece without content, their eyes glaze over and they often don’t follow through. Give us a chance to get to know you. Be gentle to my readers and they will become your hard and fast fans.

Don’t ask me to link to your blog tour company — who by the way is sending me a list of regulations that would make anyone’s head spin. I want to work with you directly, not them. Remember I’m doing this without pay, they are not.

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Be prepared and send me your requests early. I literally have had an August spot reserved since March and received the actual blog post on the first of May. This author, who has blogged with me multiple times, is so kind and respectful that I’ll be glad to feature her forever. She’s also a darn good writer! You don’t have to be that organized, but remember, the more time you give me to make your content shine, the more lead time for both of us, the happier we both will be.

Finally, don’t forget to let your fans know about your post here on Book Smart. I’m happy to bring my readers to you, but I’d like the same courtesy back. It is hard promoting authors, not myself mind you, most days of the year. When you come here, please make it a party — your guests and my guests mingling together celebrating the most wonderful thing of all — you and your book!

Thanks for letting me vent today, gang.

Big hugs to all of you!