Carey Baldwin’s Dark Marriage Secret

Today I’m reviewing Carey Baldwin’s newest book, The Marriage Secret. But first, here is the back of book blurb: A completely unputdownable and twist-filled psychological thriller from USA Today bestselling author Carey Baldwin. He married me despite my darkest secret. But am I safe now that I know his? From the outside, my marriage to Zach was perfect: dream home, a perfect baby girl and … Continue reading Carey Baldwin’s Dark Marriage Secret

The "Art" of the Short Story

Triple Derringer winner, Art Taylor, teaches writing and literature at George Mason University.  He’s such a fan of noir, that he’s named his son, Dash.  Please join me as we sit down and discuss  how he writes his winning short stories, his students, and what makes great short fiction. Enjoy! Great News! Art is giving away a copy of the latest, Chesapeake Crimes anthology:  This Job … Continue reading The "Art" of the Short Story

Catriona McPherson: A Dandy Day for Murder

There is one word for Cariona McPherson: audacious — and I mean that in the very best of ways.  She is outspoken, funny, charismatic, and engaging.  Her extra short, neon blonde hair frames a contagious smile.  Her writing is witty and atmospheric — whether 1920’s  Scotland or modern day England.  But there is a shy, sweet side to this wise-cracking firecracker, too.  In my interview … Continue reading Catriona McPherson: A Dandy Day for Murder

Lena Diaz Dragged Out in Public and Forced to Speak!

Breaking news …

Multi-award winning author, Lena Diaz,

Diana Belchase and Lena Diaz at last year's Golden Heart Awards
Diana Belchase and Lena Diaz at last year’s Golden Heart Awards

was dragged out of a conference in Anaheim last summer and actually forced to speak — on film, no less — by the audacious Diana Belchase.

Despite her fervent protests, Lena was beaten into submission in the most terrifying and horrific manner by her blogmate.  Subjected to the greatest inequities, deprived of food and water until she capitulated, you, the viewer, will see here, the abject misery and torment to which an author can be subjected — not only by the nature of her profession, but in the name of so called friendship.

We ask you to judge, both the perpetrator and the victim.  Leave your verdict in the comment section (here or at and for your efforts, one of you will win an e-copy of Lena’s newest release, Explosive Attraction, for your effort.  But be warned — if you consider this a bribe, and the verdict turns unduly in Lena’s favor, Diana has vowed to retaliate — by searching out and videoing each of you… (insert loud menacing echo here).


Okay, now that that’s over (I just couldn’t resist!), I do have real news.  At a recent conference, it was heard that Lena is a new rising star who not only is doing phenomenally in the states but is taking Germany by storm as well!  All I can say is YIPPEE! Continue reading “Lena Diaz Dragged Out in Public and Forced to Speak!”

The Mysterious Rebecca York

Sometimes things just don’t go well.

Rebecca is a fellow member of two of my writing groups. Knowing the interview/blog was coming up, I had my husband snap a photo of the two of us at a party we attended together. Rebecca wore this drop dead elegant faux leopard coat, I was in my holiday best. The photo he got had my hair standing on end and both of us in the midst of smiling. We ended up looking as if we were gnashing our teeth! I called Rebecca and told her we couldn’t use the photo and she laughed. Her husband, who is an excellent photographer, apparently hadn’t gotten a good shot of her that day either. Oh well. That’s life, and I’m sure rotten photos plague bestselling authors even more than they do me. After all, how often have I been in the paper compared to the incomparable Rebecca York? Glad she could send this lovely photo of herself instead.

Doesn’t she look mysterious against that black background? I couldn’t let Rebecca get away without asking her a few questions today! She graciously set aside some time to let me ask away.

Before I forget, please make sure to leave a comment in order to be entered to win a copy of Rebecca’s newest Harlequin Intrigue, Her Baby’s Father.  (You can gain two extra entries by also posting a comment at and by following this blog.)

Diana: You’re known as one of the premier authors in romantic suspense, how did you start writing in this genre? What drew you to it? Continue reading “The Mysterious Rebecca York”

Mary Kay Andrews Reveals Murderous Secret Identity!

Mary Kay Andrews books are transformative.  When you’re done with them, you think twice about your life decisions, and you feel as if you’ve found long-lost sisters.  She takes you down the back roads of America — to little towns and places where traditions and secrets run deep, and friendship runs even deeper.  Her heroines are the kind of women I want to be — … Continue reading Mary Kay Andrews Reveals Murderous Secret Identity!