Catriona McPherson: A Dandy Day for Murder

There is one word for Cariona McPherson: audacious — and I mean that in the very best of ways.  She is outspoken, funny, charismatic, and engaging.  Her extra short, neon blonde hair frames a contagious smile.  Her writing is witty and atmospheric — whether 1920’s  Scotland or modern day England.  But there is a shy, sweet side to this wise-cracking firecracker, too.  In my interview she was charmingly nervous and more centered on her characters than her plot.  It shows just how deeply she cares about the people she writes about, and people in general.

Today, two lucky commenters will win one of Cariona’s two books: her historical, Dandy Gilver, an Unsuitable Day for Murder (now optioned to be a BBC series!), and As She Left It, her contemporary, due out on June 1st.  Just remember to leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing!

Great news since filming, Cariona actually WON the Agatha!  That shouldn’t be surprising, she won the Macavity for her first Dandy Gilver book last year. I have her Agatha acceptance speech right here, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever heard.  You won’t be able to stop smiling, I promise.

So tell us whether you prefer historical mysteries or contemporaries?  Witty understated writing, or dark, atmospheric, and gritty?  Or maybe both? Leave your comment below and you might win one of Catriona’s books.  Oh!  And let us know which one you’d prefer, since there are two drawings this week.  (Best way to find comments is to click on the title of this interview or the little balloon at the top)

Her humorous paranormal short story, One Scareful Owner, will be out in August, in the Strangely Funny Anthology.

XO from Diana, Cariona, and Dandy Gilver.


34 thoughts on “Catriona McPherson: A Dandy Day for Murder

  1. Thank you for the interview, Diana and Catriona. Hmmm, dark and gritty, or light and witty? I’ll just paraphrase Louis Armstrong who was asked what kind of music he liked. He said, “I like good music.” I like good books. I am a Dandy fan already, so I am intrigued by the new, grittier book.

  2. Congratulations on winning the Agatha, Catriona! What a wonderful honor. And as far as what books I like to read–i’ll read anything as long as the boring parts are left out!

  3. Hmmm, all that 1920’s stuff is exactly my wife’s taste, but I am the gritty guy around here. I’d love to read your new book. It sounds right up my alley.

  4. I will read anything an Agatha winner writes! Congratulations on your award, Catriona.

  5. Just found the comments! Thank you all for the kind words. Okay, so I’ll have two cauldrons on the go and I’ll try very hard to get the names in the right one unless people say both. Mind you, a friend did chuckle at the idea that AS SHE LEFT IT was dark (It’s not Meagan Abbott dark) and once someone did take issue with the idea that Dandy Gilver was cozy . . .

  6. I like atmospheric mysteries that bring me into the time and place–whether they be a Travis McGee story or a Brother Cadfael story. I don’t like ones that stray far into the “chick-y romance” genre, mostly because the plots seem to drag or be too transparent.

    1. All of Catriona’s work is atmospheric, J.D. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for visiting.

  7. I love almost all mysteries, except for the ones that lean towards horror. Yes, I’m a wuss.
    I would love to win a copy of AS SHE LEFT IT.

    1. I’m a wimp, too, Marlyn. We should start a club. LOL. Good luck with your entry for As She Left It.

  8. would love to win a signed copy As she left It. All caught up with Dandy and waiting for the next book.

  9. I’m signing out for the night now – it’s been fun hanging today – thank you all for your encouraging comments. I’ll post the names of draw winners in the morning, Cx

    1. Actually, this will be up for a few more days. So keep those comments coming! I’ll post the winners in a few more days. Hope Catriona’s message didn’t scare you off.

      1. Oops! Sorry – I’m not really on top of everything. I’m finishing off a Dandy Gilver hoping to be editing it on the plane to NYC tomorrow to do Book Expo America, while planning a launch party for next week. Glad to hear that the interview is up a few days longer and since I didn’t actually draw names last night, we’re good to keep rolling!

  10. I love lighter, witty but I will read any kind of Mystery without gore or horror . Please enter me in the draw. The Historical sounds good…

  11. Hello, again. I’ve been travelling east and then signing books all day at Book Expo, so noit able to comment. I don’t think there’s any gore . . . *thinks* . . . nope, no gore.

  12. Okay, the winners of the two books are: Marilyn Watson for the Dandy Gilmer Mystery, An Unsuitable Day for Murder, and Barb Goffman for As She Left it. You both must contact me within ten days with your contact information to qualify to receive your book prize or another name will be drawn.

    Thank you so much Catriona McPherson for being my guest this week! I so enjoyed having you and I know the readers will love both of your books!

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