Why I'm Thankful…A Personal Story about Diabetes

My other blog, Kiss and Thrill, and I are actively involved in trying to raise money for diabetes this month — a few of you may have seen this post elsewhere, but it is so important, I hope you don’t mind me reposting it here.  Lena Diaz’s story of her daughter’s struggle with diabetes touched my heart and is one of many reasons I am participating in the Brenda Novak Auction for the Cure of Diabetes.  My father’s struggle with diabetes, and Brenda Novak’s eloquent request to help fund a cure, are some of the others.  We have put together a nifty Kiss and Thrill Gift Basket, Carey Baldwin has donated her Vail, Colorado condo and a copy of her book, and of course there are tons of other wonderful things on the Brenda Novak Auction Homepage.  Please take a look around and you’ll be surprised at the inexpensive goodies up for auction.  And thank you for helping cure diabetes!

Now here is Lena Diaz’s post:

jen-hospital22When I think about what I’m thankful for, I can’t ignore the fact that November is Diabetes Awareness month. Eleven years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with this terrible disease, and for that–I am thankful. Not because she has diabetes of course, but because she’s a survivor. Like most people, I wasn’t aware of the symptoms of diabetes, and because of that, I very nearly lost my daughter.

By sharing this personal story about my daughter’s diagnosis, my hope is that people who think they know about diabetes – but have never personally experienced its impact in their lives – will take a moment to read this. You never know. What you learn might save a life. Continue reading “Why I'm Thankful…A Personal Story about Diabetes”

Day 4 of Brenda Novak Week! Success

Join me in the final day of Brenda Novak Week as she sits down to tell me her definition of success and her book, When Lightning Strikes.  Remember to bid on my blogmates and my gift basket: KISS AND THRILL  as we try to raise money for diabetes research, or on one of the many lovely items on the auction website. Thanks for helping raise … Continue reading Day 4 of Brenda Novak Week! Success