Going for the Gold — Again!

It’s been a while since the Golden Heart Nominations for 2012 were announced, so, you might well ask, where have you been all this time?  Was something fishy going on? Were you off on another covert assignment?  Here are the possibilities:

Diana was:

a.  Sitting around eating bonbons?  (The completely delicious, fat-free ones that never add an ounce of weight)

b.  Traveling around the world with a really cute and rich guy? (Imagine castles in France, the casino at Monte Carlo, the Yacht moored off of Mykonos.  <sigh>)

c.  Leaving all the work to naughty little elves who didn’t write her posts as they’d promised (because she is as prolific a writer as Nora Roberts and just didn’t have time)?

d. Sort of uncomfortable bragging about being a Golden Heart Finalist again when so many of my writing friends didn’t make it?

Anyone who knows me will guess, “Yup, she was squirming in her seat, trying to hide while people made a fuss.”  While I’m crazy about being nominated, drying friend’s tears — and knowing how talented they are — makes it a bit hard to talk about my incredible good fortune.  This was NOT going to be a post — until they all ganged up on me and literally forced me to write about it. Continue reading “Going for the Gold — Again!”