A Conversation with Eloisa James

This is my first real interview with a best selling author from several years ago. It’s a long way from BookSmart’s new state of the art studio and the HD field camera systems we use today. In this first video, the lighting is off, the audio is mediocre, and the ending abrupt. But I wanted to share my journey with you. The lovely and great lady, … Continue reading A Conversation with Eloisa James

Eloisa James Explains it All

NY Times best selling author, Eloisa James sat down with me at a conference at McDaniel College.  She gave advice for new writers, told me about her family, her career, and discussed genre fiction versus literature.  What a treat!  I couldn’t wait to share this.  The interview is divided into four parts.  Make sure to click on the link “continue reading” to see the entire set of interviews.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Interview #1:  Eloisa gives some sage advice to want to be and young writers:

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