Willa Blair: Back in the Highlands

Willa Blair unveils her newest book in her popular Highland Talents series!  The newest, Highland Seer, follows the paranormal vein with a heroine who has the ability to see into the future. We sat down to talk about her books and her interest in the highlands in this video interview: And here is the blurb from Highland Seer.  Enjoy! Donal MacNabb is loyal to his … Continue reading Willa Blair: Back in the Highlands

What is Under that Kilt?

Today, we’re pondering an age-old question:  What is under that kilt?  <G>  And who better to answer it than my guest, Willa Blair, best-selling and award-winning author of Highland Healer.  Her novel is the first in a series set in the 16th century Highlands, when the old ways and old talents still shaped events. 

Even Victorian women were curious about Kilts

Have you ever wondered:

– why you never see a Scotsman shining his boots? 

– or wearing patent leather shoes?

– why there’s no men’s Scottish gymnastic team?

–   Just what does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?     Continue reading “What is Under that Kilt?”