Flirting, Surfing and Porter's Good Wife

Jane Porter takes my breath away.  Not only does she write the most fantastic fiction — characters that are so real you remember them years later and wonder how they’re doing — but she extends the raw, vibrant honesty of her writing into her real life. Jane shared with me her philosophy about how surfing is like life and how to manage low tide, navigate … Continue reading Flirting, Surfing and Porter's Good Wife

The Golden Heart

OMG!  I Won!!! I still cannot believe it.  I actually won the 2011 Golden Heart for my novel, Spy in the Mirror. Wow. The impact it’s already had on my career is amazing.  Agents, editors, and booksellers literally pressed their business cards into my hand as I exited the ballroom.  Considering the many “we love this … but,”  rejections, and the major book deal that … Continue reading The Golden Heart

Starting up this Blog

Welcome everyone, this is my blog. I’m just starting out in the blog world, but I’m ready to get going. I’ve been nominated for the Golden Heart award for my suspense novel, The Spy in the Mirror, and I can’t wait to find out how I did. For a blurb go here:  Spy in the Mirror I’ll be blogging about writing, about the Golden Heart … Continue reading Starting up this Blog