“Falling” Takes The Reader On a Wild Ride

By Darryl Keeping In her debut novel, T.J. Newman takes the reader on a wild ride through the not-so-friendly skies with all the white knuckle suspense and pulse pounding action you could ever want in a summer read. Newman’s own story reads like something out of a novel. She had aspirations to be an actor, graduating from a musical theater program and moving to New … Continue reading “Falling” Takes The Reader On a Wild Ride

Hail To The (Stephen) King: Carrie On

by Darryl Keeping I’m finally getting the opportunity to review the Stephen King books I’ve read to this point in my re-read of all of his works in order. Some of these I have read previously, a lot of them (I’m sad to say) I’m reading for the first time. I’m currently reading Firestarter so I’ve officially left the seventies behind and am firmly entrenched in the … Continue reading Hail To The (Stephen) King: Carrie On