Win Free Scrivener Software and Write Your Life’s Story

by Diana Belchase For those of you interested in writing your memoir, or perhaps the life story of someone you admire, I found a terrific podcast that will help tremendously. While the is aimed at people who want to make a business of writing — or perhaps, ghost writing — memoirs and biographies, there is a wealth of information for anyone who wants to … Continue reading Win Free Scrivener Software and Write Your Life’s Story

Abbie Roads Does it Backwards

Hi everyone! Diana here. Today’s guest is Abbie Roads whose new, and fantastic thriller, Race the Darkness is out, TODAY! I got a chance to see it early as a reviewer, and I will say you’ll be up all night turning pages. She does an incredible job of meshing unforgettable characters, bound in their own pain, with gripping atmospheric settings. Against this eerie landscape, good … Continue reading Abbie Roads Does it Backwards

Kick-Ass or Quiet? Female Sleuths From Miss Marple to V.I. Warshawski

Jess Lourey and Shannon Baker are thriller and mystery writers who have, between them, published a whopping 19 books. When they realized Jess’s thriller, Salem’s Cipher, and Shannon’s mystery, Stripped Bare, were set to launch on the same day, September 6, these friends joined forces for the Lourey/Baker Double Booked Tour.  Doesn’t that sound delicious? (I promise you it’s better than double chocolate, chocolate-chip cookies!) … Continue reading Kick-Ass or Quiet? Female Sleuths From Miss Marple to V.I. Warshawski

Darynda Jones Prize Winner!

I know I’ve dragged this out quite some time. Two weeks doesn’t sound like much, unless you’re waiting with bated breath for me to post something — anything — about who won the delectable prize of reading a Darynda Jones Eighth Grave After Dark ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) well before anyone else. So, without more ado, and before I sound like that cute guy who promised to … Continue reading Darynda Jones Prize Winner!

Margaritas with Mary Kay Andrews!

The lovely Mary Kay Andrews is back again with another absolutely terrific book!  Not only that, she’s here with recipes for Margaritas!  Leave a comment to be entered to win a copy of the book or her Ladies’ Night Kit with all the fixings for a great party (see photo below). DB: Mary Kay, tell us about the plot of your new book: MKA: Ladies’ … Continue reading Margaritas with Mary Kay Andrews!

Lena Diaz Dragged Out in Public and Forced to Speak!

Breaking news …

Multi-award winning author, Lena Diaz,

Diana Belchase and Lena Diaz at last year's Golden Heart Awards
Diana Belchase and Lena Diaz at last year’s Golden Heart Awards

was dragged out of a conference in Anaheim last summer and actually forced to speak — on film, no less — by the audacious Diana Belchase.

Despite her fervent protests, Lena was beaten into submission in the most terrifying and horrific manner by her blogmate.  Subjected to the greatest inequities, deprived of food and water until she capitulated, you, the viewer, will see here, the abject misery and torment to which an author can be subjected — not only by the nature of her profession, but in the name of so called friendship.

We ask you to judge, both the perpetrator and the victim.  Leave your verdict in the comment section (here or at and for your efforts, one of you will win an e-copy of Lena’s newest release, Explosive Attraction, for your effort.  But be warned — if you consider this a bribe, and the verdict turns unduly in Lena’s favor, Diana has vowed to retaliate — by searching out and videoing each of you… (insert loud menacing echo here).


Okay, now that that’s over (I just couldn’t resist!), I do have real news.  At a recent conference, it was heard that Lena is a new rising star who not only is doing phenomenally in the states but is taking Germany by storm as well!  All I can say is YIPPEE! Continue reading “Lena Diaz Dragged Out in Public and Forced to Speak!”

Mary Kay Andrews Mega-Book Giveaway!

Mary Kay Andrews mysteries re-release tomorrow!  To celebrate, we’re giving away two sets of FOUR BOOKS each!  All you have to do is send your congratulations to the author in the comment section below. For those of you who haven’t heard the news, Kathy Hogan Trocheck IS Mary Kay Andrews!  I know you all love her mysteries and her women’s fiction.  Last time she gave … Continue reading Mary Kay Andrews Mega-Book Giveaway!

A New Rose in the Literary Garden: Kim Boykin

Kim Boykin is absolutely delightful.  She writes the way she lives — deeply and passionately.  In today’s video she talks about her life as a Southern Woman, her mother’s beauty shop, her roses, and her wonderful new book:  The Wisdom of Hair.  As Kim says, “As women we believe if we can change our hair, we can change our lives.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Kim … Continue reading A New Rose in the Literary Garden: Kim Boykin