Win Free Scrivener Software and Write Your Life’s Story

by Diana Belchase

For those of you interested in writing your memoir, or perhaps the life story of someone you admire, I found a terrific podcast that will help tremendously. While the is aimed at people who want to make a business of writing — or perhaps, ghost writing — memoirs and biographies, there is a wealth of information for anyone who wants to give it a go on their own.


Amy Woods Butler is bright, friendly and easy to listen to. She has worked as a full-time personal historian since 2012 and you can tell she absolutely loves what she does — so much so, that she is glad to spread the wealth and teach others to do the same. Her podcast is a real jewel for all kinds of writers and deals with everything from the latest about Scrivener to legal advice for writers and story telling tips. Her resource page is a wonderful place for any aspiring autobiographer to start.

Here’s a short video with Amy explaining how she writes and how Scrivener helps her:

In this Life Story Coach podcast episode (#44)  the fantastic Gwen Hernandez, Scrivener guru and the author of several excellent romantic suspenses  and books for authors, as well as a leading Scrivener teacher, talks about how the Scrivener software will organize files and how to use it in ways that you may not have yet imagined. 

And, if you go to this link and follow the instructions, you may win a free copy of the Scrivener software for either Mac or PC.

Good luck in the contest and hope this nudge toward Amy’s podcast finds you completing that long dreamed of memoir or biography this year!

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