Fairy Dust and Divas

This time it’s the men who get their own fairy godmother in Candice Gilmer’s UnderHisNose72web new book Under His Nose in her Guys and Godmothers series.

When Cupid starts meddling and shooting arrows at helpless mortals, it’s up to fairy godmother Christy, to try and undo the damage. She wants her charge, Roark to fall in love with the girl of his dreams naturally, and under his own free will — not because he’s under Cupid’s arrow’s spell. Christy must help Roark realize that the girl of his dreams, his best friend since kindergarten, Stephanie, has been under his nose, all along. All it takes is faith, trust, and fairy dust. A swift kick never hurts, either.

Candice will be giving away a copy of her e-book to someone who leaves a comment HERE or at the bottom of the screen (click on the title of the post to open the comment box).

Diana: I’m here today with the fantastic Candice Gilmer and her editor, Holly Atkinson, from Samhain Publishing. Candice has a new release this month called Under His Nose (excerpt), the first in the Guys and Godmothers series, and her editor Holly has agreed to come talk to us, and tell us why she loves Candice’s books. I expect Holly to gush over Candice’s books as much as I do!

But first, drinks all around.  :::Pouring white wine and passing cheese balls.::: CandiceHeadshot72SMALL-145x150

Candice: Hi Diana, thanks for having us.

Holly: Yes, thank you! Happy to be here.

Diana: So, I want the real dirt.   How did you two get together?

Candice: Um, besides the obvious writing a book and submitting it part?

Diana: :::laughing::: Yes, besides that. More like how you, Holly, decided to pick up Candice’s book, Under His Nose?

Holly: Well, Candice had written for us previously. Her editor had since left the company, which rendered Candice a homeless author. When her manuscript became available, I photo-1asked to review it. The premise sounded different and quirky. I loved her voice and her humor, so I offered her a contract. The rest is history.

Candice:  LOL… Yes, I was a homeless author… I was on the corner with my tin cup, waving it around for coins while I read passages from my books.

Diana:  (Laughing as she searches for coins for Candice’s tin cup) Holly, what do you look for when an author submits a book in a series? Are there any particular things that turn you Diana PR Thumbnail photoon, or even turn you off, when accepting a book?  Or must you be a Buffy die hard fan for an author to grab your attention?  (See Candice tells me all about you, all the time!)

Holly: There really isn’t anything in particular. Most authors submitting series books have an idea of where the series is going, so they’re very forthcoming in their plans for future books. What I care about is the book I’m holding. If that book is strong and the world is vivid and well-developed, imagining more stories within the same universe isn’t difficult.

Candice: And being a die hard fan girl is always a plus!!!

Diana: I love how the fairy godmothers take on men this time instead of women, in Candice’s Under His Nose.  Did it make you do a double take?

Holly: Of course. Her unique premise was one of the things I fell in love with.

Diana: Holly, there’s more wine in the kitchen – help yourself.  (Waits until Holly moves toward kitchen then leans in to whisper in Candice’s ear)  Candice, now that Holly is out of the room.  Tell us the truth? How do you like working with your editor? RescuingRapunzel350

Candice:  She keeps making me write more and more and more.  She cracks the whip and is all “evil editor” on me, and… and she makes me … do REWRITES!  Accckkk!!!

Diana:  (BTW Holly’s back in the room!)

Candice: Okay, just kidding. Holly and I immediately developed a kinship from day one, when we discovered we both had written fan fiction way back in the day. And fan girls have to stick together.

Holly: Yes, fan-fiction girls are sticky. What? What did I miss?

Candice: Nothing. Nothing important at all!

Diana: (Thinking, sticky??  Is this a new 50 shades kind of editorial relationship?  Clears throat)

Holly, we have to know… Is Candice a diva?

Candice: HEY! I am not a diva! :::ringing bell::: Where’s my margarita? I don’t want this white wine anymore.  And how come there’s a brown M&M’s in here? I specifically ordered no brown M&M’s!

Holly: See what I have to work with? The Reluctant Prince 72 WEB

Diana: Yup, I know, Holly, I’ve been dealing with Candice for years.  (Ducks as Candice throws a pillow at my head)  I take it this relationship will probably continue for some time. Have you all discussed any plans for books beyond the Guys and Godmothers series? What else do you have coming up?

Candice: Yep. Holly’s going to have a hard time getting rid of me. Muhahahahaha.  Actually, I have several books, some contemporary romances as well as some more paranormal books that we’re talking about right now.

Holly: Candice has forbidden me from leaving the company, so I’m pretty much stuck with her. Erm, I get to keep working with her.

Diana:  Holly can you tell us the number one thing that you wish your writers would pay more attention to?

Holly: That breaks author/editor confidentiality. Sorry. My lips are sealed.



Diana:  (Thinking, it must be Buffy action dolls as Christmas gifts.)  Thank you both for coming. This has been great fun!  And I loved Under His Nose!

Candice: Thanks. And I’m still waiting on my margarita! Service here is terrible.

Holly: You have good taste in books. That will make up for the bad taste in wine.

Diana:  Um … thanks? 😉

Remember, Candice will be giving away a copy of her e-book to someone who leaves a comment HERE or at the bottom of the screen (click on the title of the post to open the comment box). For an extra chances to win, please follow my site or leave a comment at waterworldmermaids.com, too!) There will be one prize for both sites.

29 thoughts on “Fairy Dust and Divas

  1. Diana you’re the queen of interviews! I want a cool editor like Holly. Of course, I want to be a cool author like Candice!

  2. Hmm, I’ll take the virtual wine Holly and Candice didn’t want. 😉 Fun interview!

    1. Hi Mary,

      No, actually, I don’t. I fantasize on occasion, and I have been known to use fandom to build my male characters on occasion, (Example: Ok, so this guy is more an “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and this guy, more an “Anakin Skywalker”) just to help me with characterization, so I don’t wind up making multiple clones of the same guy. 🙂

  3. I’ve heard it called an orphaned author, is that different than a homeless one, Holly? The image of Candice with a tin cup is funny.

    1. As Diana said, submitting to Samhain is best done by following the submission guidelines on the website. If you have a particular editor you’d like reviewing your submission, you can include that information in your submission package’s cover letter.

  4. The winner of the Candice Gilmer book, Under His Nose, is Susan Andrews! Thanks Susan for commenting! Please send me your address so I can forward it to the people sending out your book.


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