Sandstorm by Alan L. Lee

With kids back in school, and vacation over, it’s time to start looking for books with a bit more bite to them.  Alan L. Lee’s Sandstorm is the perfect plot to get lost in during the commute to the office or on your lunch break.

Happy Reading!

Lurking in the shadows, away from any image002government oversight, a secret partnership has been formed between an Israeli spymaster pulling the strings of the most efficient killing machine the Mossad has to offer and an exclusive billionaire boys club that wants to dictate the New World Order. In their pocket is a powerful U.S. senator who aspires to the presidency. Success means vast wealth and increased power, and they’ll stop at nothing to succeed.

CIA operative Nora Mossa is trained to kill when the situation calls for it. She’s also capable of disappearing into thin air. Being efficient, deadly, and beautiful, however, won’t be enough to protect her after her mentor Erica Janway is assassinated in her Maryland home. With everyone in the Agency suspect, Nora turns to the only person capable of keeping her alive while she uncovers the truth behind Janway’s demise—her former lover and ex–CIA agent Alex Koves. That is, if he will even speak to her.

With danger lurking in every corner of the globe, Koves and Nora must stay alive long enough to piece together the clues to a deadly plot capable of killing thousands in the Middle East. And the clock is ticking….

Lee’s thrilling debut novel will excite readers with intriguing characters, history and super-charged action and events that will leave them buzzing.

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