Alma Katsu's Descent: A Trip through an Author's Dark Mind

Alma Katsu is a tiny person.  As you’ll see in the video below, she makes me feel like a giant hovering above her.  But make no mistake, she’s an absolute dynamo.  She can brief you on government intelligence agency structure in a second, tell you arcane facts about Poe, and weave the most delightfully dark tales that leave both you and her characters tortured and longing for more.

Please join me as I interview Alma about her Taker Trilogy, the fantastic third book of which, The Descent, released just last week.

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Of all the universe’s forces, the most mysterious, confounding, and humbling is the power of love. 

Alma Katsu’s acclaimed trilogy—a supernatural epic that began with The Taker and sparked a chase around the world in The Reckoning—comes to a stunning conclusion, and brings Lanore McIlvrae to a final encounter with Adair, her powerful nemesis. Dismayed by Adair’s otherworldly powers and afraid of his passionate temper, Lanore has run from him across time, even imprisoning him behind a wall for two centuries to save Jonathan, her eternal love. But instead of punishing her for her betrayal, Adair declared his love for Lanore once more and set her free.

Now, Lanore has tracked Adair to his mystical island home to ask for one last favor. The Queen of the Underworld is keeping Jonathan as her consort, and Lanore wants Adair to send her to the hereafter so that she may beg for his release. Will she honor her promise to return to Adair? Or is her true intention to be reunited with Jonathan at any cost?

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