He Texted, Now What does it Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what a man means when he texts you a photo of his refrigerator, He Texted is the book for you.  Witty and full of straight-forward advice, authors Lisa Winning and Carrie Henderson McDermott, guide women in  21st century techno-dating. Not only do the two authors give you their usually right-on-target opinions, they utilize their own advisory panel of guys to chime in and give women the inside track into what men mean.


Texting isn’t all the book is limited to.  Facebook is discussed — not only in the way to use and not to use, but also the why it’s not good to know too much about a potential mate up front and how it can take the sizzle out of the relationship before the steak even hits the grill.  I found their analysis truly fascinating.

I wish there had been less preamble about the who was advising, how the book came to be, and why there needed to be such a book, right up front.  Ironically, the first example of a text isn’t seen until page 61 on my review copy.  I think this is akin to an author dumping too much backstory upfront in a novel.  Much of this could have waited until further on in the book and been subtly woven in.

Overall, I think the book is definitely worthwhile for any female trying to decipher male behavior.  Manuals have been written on every aspect of dating, finally there is one that talks about electronic communication and makes it clearer and easier for women to succeed.

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