How and Why You Should Comment

I’ve excerpted a bit of a wonderful post by Anne R Allen today for so many of you who are having trouble figuring out how to participate in the conversation  😀  Hope it helps. Diana 

“I can’t even find the comments half the time!”
If you’re my age, the whole concept of blogging may be new for you. I remember being frustrated when I first started. Sometimes I’d find comments, and sometimes I wouldn’t. Sometimes I’d land on one post with a thread of comments after it, but sometimes I’d get a whole string of posts with nothing but a thingy at the end saying “37 comments”.

Here’s the little trick “everybody knows” so they don’t bother to tell you—

Click on the “37 comments” (or whatever number) and that will open the post in a new page where all the comments appear at the end of the post. Some blog formats make you hunt around in the sidebar for the “comments” link, but it’s there. Keep looking.

Some blogs, will allow you to reply to a particular comment if you hit the “reply” button under that comment.

Or you can leave a general comment if you hit “reply” at the bottom of the whole thread. (On some WordPress blogs the reply button is at the top of the thread.)

Click on the header (title of the blog) and it will take you back to the comment-less stream of blogposts.

See? It’s not so hard when somebody tells you what to look for.

To see the whole, fabulous post, explaining how commenting can boost your SEO and all kinds of wonderful things, please go HERE  (And yes, it is the post discussing how to build platform)


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