Diana Belchase Nominated for Third Golden Heart Award!

Sarah Andre interviews Diana Belchase regarding her nomination for the Golden Heart for her spy thriller, Escape from the Harem.

Hi, Sarah Andre here! For those of you who don’t know what the RWA Golden Heart® is, it’s the most prestigious contest in the nation for writers. A tiny percentage of entrants are called in late-March, and notified that their scores (judged by fellow writers) were high enough to qualify for the nomination. What exactly does getting a nomination mean? It’s the equivalent of getting an Oscar nomination! No joke. And guess what? The Sisters of Suspense are thrilled to congratulate one of our own for this incredible career achievement–Diana Belchase! Let’s get to know her a lot better, shall we?

  1. Sarah and Diana Golden Heart 2012
    Sarah Andre and  Diana Belchase, 2012 Awards Ceremony.

    Tell us about the 2016 GH call!

Oh my goodness, it was incredible. Diane Kelly, the President of RWA, called me personally. It meant so much because I knew her, and because of that, this is the first time I…

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