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Diana here: One of my favorite recurring features is Author on the Couch by Abbie Roads. A mental health counsellor by day, she writes incredible thrillers by night, and interviews authors on her cyber-couch in her spare time. In this post, she’s interviewing my Golden Heart sister and wonderful romance author, Nan Dixon, for the second time. Abbie, who is also a Golden Heart sister, really knows how to ask the questions that get deep answers from her guests. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know both these terrific authors!

Author on the Couch: Nan Dixon, Second Session

by Abbie Roads

Photo shoot 003 (2)Sometimes one session just isn’t enough!

This week on Author on the Couch I conduct a second session with,

Nan Dixon

~First things first, if you missed Nan Dixon’s first session you can take a quick look at it HERE.

Abbie: Have there been any big changes in your life since our last session—good or bad? Tell us about them.

Nan: There have been both good and bad changes in my life—but I’ll talk about the good. I now A Savannah Christmas Wish -- Coverhave a second granddaughter – with a third grandchild on the way. There is so much joy in being a grandmother. I just spent a week with my newest granddaughter who lives in Massachusetts. It was my daughter’s first week back to work. My mother did the same thing for me—so I feel like I’m passing on an important tradition. (And getting lots of snuggle time in!)

Abbie: What a wonderful tradition!

How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Nan: I always dreamed of being on the stage. ☺ But by the time I’d been in over 50 productions and was just coming out of high school; I’d burned out. And I wasn’t the writer in the family; my mother and one of my sisters were.

But in high school … Keep reading by clicking HERE


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