Pickles, Renaissance Faires, Bingo & Murder

Jessie Chandler is a sweetie pie.  PITM_Cover-smShe has a wide grin that makes you feel instantly at home and a sense of humor that keeps you laughing.

So how did a nice girl like that end up getting involved in not one but three murders?

Writing books, of course! The workings of an author’s mind can make any law officer cringe, and Jessie is no exception.  Between Renaissance Faire murders, mafia henchmen, and a slew of crazy characters, she’ll have you turning pages and laughing out loud.  I know I did.

Breaking news:  Jessie just won the Goldie Award for her book, Bingo Barge Murder!  Congratulations Jessie!

Jessie Winning the Goldie Award for best Mystery/Thriller
The prestigious Goldie Award
The Goldie Award

Jessie also is known for her jewelry creations which she sells at fairs nationwide.  Leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win one of two sets of jewelry or her entire three book series, Bingo Barge Murder, Hide and Snake Murder and Pickle in the Middle Murder so you can find out how her heroine, Shay O’Hanlon got involved in such hilarious crime solving!  (Click HERE to find out more about all three books including excerpts!) There will be three winners, please let us know in the comments which prize you’re interested in, or we’ll assume any of the three, and remember, if you follow this blog, you’ll be entered twice!

In the meantime, enjoy this interview with Jessie and by the end, I know you’ll be dying to read her Pickle in the Middle Murder mystery!

Again, don’t forget to leave a comment so you’ll be entered for the prize giveaway (if the comment box doesn’t open automatically, please click on the title of this post) —  and if you follow this blog, you’ll be entered twice.

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45 thoughts on “Pickles, Renaissance Faires, Bingo & Murder

  1. I’m going to book mark this so I can see Jessie’s smile whenever I get cranky. You always make me grin back at you. Thanks, Diana, for bringing us another good one!

      1. Dee, if I can make someone laugh and take them out of their day for just a little bit, I’ve accomplished more than I set out to. Please let me know what you think! After you read one (or more–don’t let me stop you!) you can email if you’d like with comments and questions to jchandlerauthor@gmail.com!

  2. I am a real Ren Faire groupie, so I’m looking forward to reading the Pickle book! But the jewelry looks great , too. Love the butterfly necklace.

    1. It is very pretty, Barbara, so is the other one. That’s what happens when you have someone who makes and sells jewelry, as well as writing books, for a living!

      1. Barbara, I hope you like Pickle! The Ren Fest is mostly at the start of the book, and it was a hoot to write. And research 🙂 Can’t wait for this year’s! And in the spirit of full disclosure, the two necklaces shown are not made by me 🙁 But they are still very very cool. It’s some of the stuff we sell at pride festivals and other conferences.

  3. How do you get these wild and wacky plots, Jessie? I could never have thought up half this stuff?

      1. Hey Brenda! Thanks for the great question! I have a ton of great friends who are willing to brainstorm with me. For Pickle, my cousin said to me, “Jessie, I want to see a dead body in an outhouse.” From there I somehow made the leap to the Ren Fest here in Shakopee in the fall, and it went from there. I love picking things that no one would believe, (like stolen nuts in the first book, Bingo Barge Murder…nut theft in CA is a serious problem and I thought that was crazy enough to work into a book), In the second book, Hide and Snake Murder, I wanted to work in Mexican cartels, and the immense hold they have on the US in general, and in specific, Minneapolis. There’s a direct pipeline that’s really scary. That book wound up being a bit darker than I intended, so it was a little different.

        Awesome!! More questions!!!

  4. Love, love, love these video interviews! Thanks for doing them. Jessie sounds like a lot of fun.

      1. Hey Cartland, Diana is the one who does the hard work with these interviews and great blogs. The credit goes to her. I just followed like a dazed author who doesn’t know what she’s getting into but is willing to try almost anything 🙂

      1. SWEEEEET!!!!!! Ashley, you rock! Thank you so much! Hide and Snake Murder just won an IPPY award in May and a Goldie Award in June, and I’m hoping Pickle will have some of that same success.

  5. Great interview and great books!!! Shay and her friends are a blast and Jessie Chandler does a great job of creating interesting and intriguing characters as well as wild and crazy mysteries!!!

  6. What a fabulous interview, Jessie and Diana! And, Jessie, your books sound so delightfully fun…they should be illegal 😉 I am a HUGE fan of quirky, madcap adventures and would LOVE to get my mitts on these great books!!!

    1. Darcy! You sound just like my kinda reader! I love the illegal comment LOL If you’re not lucky enough to score the signed set, Amazon has them or order them from your favorite indie bookstore 🙂 Or B&N. Or Books A Million. They are also all available as ebooks as well 🙂

  7. Aww, thanks for the cheers & appendage crossing, Diana & Jessie! I’ll still be explosively happy regardless of the outcome 😉

    And, Jessie, thanks for sharing where to find your books!

  8. I love these kinds of Books. Characters like this are my favorite. Please enter me for the Books..

  9. :::: Drumroll:::: The winners are: Cecily Nabors wins the 3 book set! The Heart Necklace goes to Darcy! And the Butterfly Necklace goes to Rhonda Gilliland! You must all contact me within ten days with your snail mail address or I may have to pick another winner. Congratulations!

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