Sally MacKenzie: No Longer Naked!

Sally MacKenzie has a warm, generous spirit and a smile Duchess coverthat makes you instantly feel as if you are her friend.  In real life, she’s sort of mild-mannered — not the kind of woman you’d think would write a bestselling romance series where all her heroes start off naked.

In this video interview, she shares with me the trials and tribulations of being a romance author — her family’s reaction to the Naked series, and her brand new series, The Duchess of Love.  I’m excited that her novella, by the same name, is up for the RITA award next week.

Bedding Lord NedIn honor of her nomination, Sally is giving away a copy of her new novel, Bedding Lord Ned to someone who leaves a comment.  Follow this blog and you’ll be entered twice!

Here’s a blurb about Bedding Lord Ned:  Ellie Bowman is determined: during this year’s Valentine house party, she will choose one of the men the matchmaking Duchess of Greycliffe–aka the Duchess of Love–has invited for her.  Unfortunately, that man will not be Lord Ned, the duchess’s second son.  Ned is still mourning his wife and will never see “trusty” Ellie as anything other than a childhood friend.  Now if only she could convince her heart of what her head already knows–and persuade the duchess’s thieving cat to stop stealing her red silk drawers and depositing them in Ned’s bed.

(If the video doesn’t load, please try updating your current version of Adobe. If you don’t see an open comment box below, please click on the title of this post.  Good luck in the drawing! )

Naked_duke2 Layout 1 NAKED_KING

24 thoughts on “Sally MacKenzie: No Longer Naked!

    1. So glad you’re a Naked reader, Sheila! I hope you enjoy the new series. Surprising Lord Jack, the 2nd book, came out in March and Loving Lord Ash will be out next March.

  1. OMG I love Sally MacKenzie! What a great interview. Can’t wait to start this new series.

  2. All these titles sound so racy. I’m not a fan of really intense sex scenes. Just how hot are these books, Sally? Love your interview.

    1. I’ll let Sally field this one, Joyce. I must say, I don’t think her scenes are very explicit at all. If you like emotional based scenes that are sensitively done, I believe you will like her books. But let’s see what Sally says. Thanks for your question.

      1. I think the titles are probably racier than the books, Joyce. I’m very easily embarrassed myself. And the books tend to be funny–my favorite “review” was from a reader who said she laughed so hard reading one of my books, she fell off the couch. But the question is really hard to answer, because everyone has a different opinion about how much sex is too much. I think my books are no hotter than your average historical romance, but I don’t shut the bedroom door. People who prefer inspirationals might be shocked, but anyone looking for erotica will definitely be disappointed. The characters determine the nature of the sex scenes–or, more accurately, love scenes. Hope that helps.

  3. I loved the part where your husband won the Halloween contest. How sad none of your family are reading your books. They are the ones missing out, Sally. The video was great Diana. Please keep more coming.

    1. I know, Donna, they should all be flogged! LOL. Unfortunately this is something I hear all the time. It is hardest to get family and friends to read what we write — much harder than getting total strangers. So that is why we love readers like you.

      1. Thanks, Donna! I don’t really mind that my family doesn’t read my books. They don’t read romance. My husband reads mostly nonfiction, actually. He’s working his way through a series of books on the Civil War. And I think he’s supplementing that with Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

  4. That’s so sweet, Jocelyn. Thanks so much! And thank you, too, Diana. Being nominated is winning in my book. I did write an acceptance speech–they tell us to do that just in case–but I’ll be happy if I don’t have to make my way on stage and actually present it. Though, I can’t lie. It would be very cool to win and bring home RITA!!

  5. Hi Sally, congrats on your RITA nomination! I’ve read your Naked Nobility series and I thoroughly enjoyed all the books. They were fun reads, and now I have The Duchess of Love in my TBR pile! 🙂

  6. A matchmaking Duchess sounds like a great premise for your new series, Sally! I can’t wait to read Ned and Ellie’s story. If they’re anything like the Naked series I know I’ll love the new series!

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