Greek Tragedy in Western Kansas

I had the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte Hinger,charlotte-hinger-web-221x276 the author of four books. Her novel, Hidden Heritage was cited by Kirkus Reviews as “One of the Best Mysteries of 2013” and also “One of the Best Fiction Books of 2013.”

A native Kansan with a flaming state loyalty, she says her books prove “the Greek tragedy is alive and well, it’s just moved to Western Kansas.” Her mysteries contain elements such as witchcraft, herbal medicine, Episcopalians, lots of family drama, and of course murder.

“A female priest drops the chalice at the altar because someone has whispered to her, I know who you are and I know what you’ve done.” —  Charlotte Hinger describing Lethal Lineage

“One of the most famous Kansas editors said once, ‘What ever happens in the United States happens first in Kansas.’ We’re almost like a bellwether for all the problems the country’s  going to have to deal with, we think them up first.”

Charlotte is the kind of person who wants everyone to succeed and as a teacher of writers she has great advice:

1. Finish the book. Write it twice before anyone ever sees it. Make sure it’s your best work.

2. Intelligent marketing to publishers. Research houses that are appropriate to your submission . i.e. no fishing books sent to publishers that only print thrillers.

3. Read the publisher’s guidelines. They will tell you what they’re looking for, length, formatting, how to submit.

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